The Black Banners EP

by cursebreaker

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released November 15, 2010



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cursebreaker Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Divergence|Intrinsic to Demons
I. divergence.
Beaten in and bound to this hell I've created for myself.
I know now I'll never fucking make it out.
No sooner will I see the end of this anguish,
as these ill's be purged from my body.
I know now I'll never fucking make it out.

// Intrinsic to Demons//
These hymns are an axe to the body of idle prayer,
and I will hold it high.
Leaving limbs clinging to crosses, and a wake of corpses choking on martyrdom.
No salvation for prophet plagued waste uniformed by averice.
With God's stench in the air their intentions are so adamant.
Til' time or fate; buried or burned.
we will all die alone blind with no where to go.
In hope that conviction will die too with the shadow I've sown.
This world went to hell a long time ago.
Track Name: Cursebreaker - Count your Coffins
.Count your Coffins.
Stop dwelling on the fucking past.
your ghost is dead & gone, and he's
never coming back.
Time lost chasing angels when you should
be chasing the facts.
Your ghost is dead & gone and he's never coming back.

You've brought your black wings forth.
You've made excuses for
the ritual, the burial, the blood loss
and your cold coffin quest.

A feeble heart longs for the touch.
Reside in darkness and purge it from
your eyes until they swallow the ones you love.
With nothing & no one where will you run?

And this is what we are.
I bare your fucking mark,
but not your god damned scars.
Track Name: Blindsons
. Blindsons
They were all Blindsons to an infected fate.
Follow'n in thier father's footsteps and soon to be graves.
How could they know any better, when they were raised with it?"
Blindsons follow'n the Blindwind.
Track Name: The Prologue of Holocaust
.The Prologue of Holocaust.

"by this sign you will conquer"
god's word failed.
when you begged for your life
you filthy mother fucker.
Track Name: Foxcroft & the Witch Children
.Foxcroft & the Witch Children.
I watch the dead walk everyday.
Blind & deaf as they rot away.
While unjust and ill omens burn witches at the steak.
forsaking children by the word of god,
with no remorse for the scars they've made.
burn them.
burn them now, and raise salems ghost from her grave.
400 years with a different face.
And i wish daggers to the throats of hunters with head's rasied.
In the name of witches sending Salem back to her grave.
Track Name: Born of Night
.Born of Night.

Cretins of equivocal honesty,
your industry & affairs make me sick.
Give praise to men in their presence,
I hold my head lest they be backbitten.
Swines soiling thier skin, burying themselves in shit.
While wolves run with the pack,
and the devout moon shine light on their backs.
Now how does feel between the teeth of the beast?
You can only bleed out so much before you're buried beneath
the tooth and claw. These acts, by the communal eyes
may go un-noticed, but we are born from night and bred for this.
You can see it in our glowing eyes.
We harbor that devout moons light
and let it consume us,
and by it we speak the end of days
for nescient abuse of all we are.
Remember the wolves that took from you your crowns
and claimed themselves kings of the night.
(for we are the teeth in which your flesh writhes.)
Track Name: Liars, Cheats & Other Proud Americans
.Liars, Cheats & Other Proud Americans.

Fed by the hands of the cheats that they trust.
They're sellin' hope, bigotry & lust.
But for the price of your discretion,
a man could lead a profitable life.
As long as he remains in the eyes
of the machines and oppressors.

Shut eyes beggin' down on broken knees.
The vultures peck through bones
by the skin of their beaks.
Its hard to get off the ground
when you've got are clipped wings.

Yet we bear the black banners
when the future's lookin' bleak.
In the shadow of this filthy flag,
and amongst the sterile legionaries.

Wave the black banners,
Hold them high
Wave the black banners,
and watch the legion fall.

If these are your monuments,
then we will take them back or burn them down.